June 20, 2013

Designing from a Distance -Ohio Remodel

It was about this time last year when we received a call from a young guy in Austin who needed help renovating an investment property.  Budget was very important since the house would be resold after the renovations were completed.  We talked in detail about what the project entailed and decided that we were a good fit for one another.  It sounded like a great opportunity and I was super excited about the challenge ahead.

There was one catch....the property was in Ohio.  

The entire project was done over the phone or by email.  Internet consultations for one room are very common these days, but the whole house is a different story.  The client sent me photos of the home along with a floor plan.  It was like piecing a puzzle together as I tried to make sense of the photos that he sent me.  

Here is all I had to work with.

The client and I only had one face to face meeting.  He was probably the easiest person I have ever worked with!  He was completely open to all of my suggestions and pretty much gave me free reign on the design plan.  

Once I (I mean we...) decided on a direction, I went to work on selecting the actual materials that we would use.  The plan was to brighten things up with bright white trim, nice cool colors along with chrome and stainless accents.   

Here are a few inspiration boards that I sent to the client to communicate my vision.



Guest Bath

Through out the renovation process, I only got a few sneak peeks of the progress.  The client would send pictures occasionally which only left me wanting to see more!  I finally got to see the final outcome a few weeks ago when he sent me the photos from the real estate listing.

Here is how the home looks now....

It is really like a breath of fresh air!  I am so happy with the outcome and more importantly, so is the client and the new homeowner.  The home sold in 1 day!!!  

The client is back in Austin and has recently purchased another property (in Austin this time).   He has asked for my help once again.  I can't wait to get started!  

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