September 15, 2013

A Little Bling for My Birthday!

And when I say "bling", I mean the kind that lights up and hangs from the ceiling.  That's right, the ugly builder chandelier is gone!

Here was my dining room before...

And here it is now!

I am so happy!  I have been obsessing over this chandelier from Ballard Designs for years.  They must have known I had a painful big birthday coming up because they finally put it on sale for half price just for me!

I showed it to my husband and told him it was the only thing I wanted for my birthday.  It turns out that he was actually listening (okay, so I probably mentioned it more than once).  Not only did he listen, but he didn't procrastinate either.  Apparently it wasn't on sale for my birthday at all.  It was on sale because it was being discontinued.  He ordered just days before it was no longer available!

I love it way more than a sane person should probably love a light fixture, but it is so pretty!  You should see it at night.  It just sparkles!

My husband and kids gave it to me the morning of my birthday and we had it hung by noon.  Thank goodness my husband is handy and likes instant gratification as much as I do (and for the fact that the dining room table didn't collapse with both of us standing on it).  

After it was hung and we both looked to admire it, he admitted that he never understood why I hated the other light so much until he saw the new one hanging in its place.

So once again, just in case I wasn't clear... I absolutely love my new chandelier!!  Thanks to my sweet husband and awesome kids for making this birthday the best one yet. 

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