July 16, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday - A Place for Hair Bows and Headbands

Any little girl mama's out there can probably relate to the massive amount of hair accessories that comes with having a daughter.  They usually end up everywhere and you can never find the one that you are looking for.

We have tried hanging bows from ribbons and shoving headbands into drawers only to be constantly frustrated.  That was until about a year ago when I finally found a solution that works for us!

An over the door shoe organizer now holds ALL of Sis's hair accessories and keeps them organized! The fact that this one is see through makes finding what we are looking for a breeze.  Everything is grouped together by color.  I think it actually looks kind of cute.  (Of course I would think that because I happen to love both organization and hair bows;). 

The fact that headbands actually fit in the pockets has literally solved all of our first world hair accessory problems.  I found this particular organizer at Wal-Mart.   You can find it here.

This has eliminated a huge stressor from our morning routine.  I hope it can work for you too!

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