May 20, 2013

DIY Iron On Party Favors

I am just now recovering from my sweet girl's second slumber party celebrating her 8th birthday.  After weeks of bouncing around party ideas, she decided that she wanted to have a glow in the dark/neon/bowling/sleepover.  How can you top that?  It turned out to be a really easy (for me) and fun (for her) party.  

We kicked off the par-tay at 6:00 p.m.  As the girls arrived, they snacked on these AWESOME cookies that my talented neighbor, Megan Lee made.  And yes, they taste as good as they look. 

Once all of the girls were here, Brooke passed out the party favors. 

Each girl's bag was filled with glow bracelets, glow necklaces and these personalized neon bowling shirts.  

Creating custom party favors and gifts is SO easy.  You can find iron on transfer paper at most craft stores.  I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.   I created my image using clip art on PowerPoint.  I am sure  there are probably better programs out there, but I am comfortable with PowerPoint.  

Once I was happy with the image, I duplicated it for each girl and simply changed the name.  I printed 2 images per sheet to make the most of the 5 sheets that came in the package.  Next, I cut out the designs and simply ironed them onto the shirts.

Here are the girls (and little brother) sporting their matching shirts at the bowling alley.

And here is how they looked under the black lights.

So fun!!

This isn't my first time to create party favors using iron on transfer paper.  

A couple of years ago (seems like yesterday), I made these aprons for the girl's to wear while making pancakes at our pancakes and pajamas party.

I ordered the aprons from Discount School Supply.  Again, I used PowerPoint, printed them out and ironed them on.  

Oh, I almost forgot about last year's sleepover.  I made each girl their own autograph pillowcase.  I literally just ran upstairs and grabbed this one out of the linen closet.  That is why it is a wrinkled mess.  The girls passed the pillowcases around and signed each others with fabric markers. 

I hope the girls liked the favors as much as I do.  Who knows what we will come up with for next year.

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