January 29, 2012


One of my favorite parts of designing a space is accessorizing! After the paint is up and furniture is in, accessorizing is where you really start to see the room come together. This week, I was lucky enough to accessorize the home of Wade and Kimberly and their three sweet children. They had a plethora of awesome accessories for me to choose from.
It was an ideal situation.

The first area of business was the the living room. The client had an inspiration picture of yellow metal bookcases similar to these that they found at CB2.

I started with the books. Once they were grouped by color on the various shelves, I added in the accessories. 

If you notice the bottom shelf in the middle changed a bit from the first picture, I had to "borrow" all of the silver pieces for my next project below.
Moving on to the family room, we needed to add some pizazz to this dark cabinet.

I started by placing some of the clients silver pieces in the cabinet. They looked great with the doors open, but kind of disappeared once the doors were closed. We borrowed some platters and plates from the kitchen to serve (no pun intended...get it? You "serve" food on plates and platters. Ha! I crack me up.) as a backdrop for the silver. This is where I had to steal the bowls from the yellow bookshelves. Grouping like items together makes more of an impact than spreading them throughout the house.

Now on to the rest of the room. Here is what you saw when you walked into the room before.

And here is how it looks now.

The clients are very happy and Kimberly sent me the nicest email after I left that day.

"So....Wade loves it. I knew he would. It totally looks amazing and feels like home. I like because you gave our stuff a different feel than we've ever had. Thanks so much.
It feels so warm in our house...love it!"

I love my job!

We are waiting for the draperies to be finished for the room. It just so happens that many of the accessories the homeowners had work perfectly with the drapery fabric that we selected. It wasn't intentional (other than coordinating with the sofa).

Here is a sneak peek of the drapery fabric. I will be sure to post a pic once they are hung so you can see how the whole room came together.

We finished up the day by finding places to hang art and family photos. We also accessorized the master bedroom. It was a very productive day and I enjoyed every minute of it:) Thanks to Kimberly and Wade for being so great!

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